Dot First

Honest software.
Thoughtfully built.

This here is a single-person operation based in Philadelphia, PA.

It’s just me, Anthony Colangelo.

I’m on a mission to build software that cares about you and makes your life a little bit better, without sacrificing the things I care about—quality and privacy, to name two.

No venture funding, no explosive growth plans, no funny business—just honest software built with good ethics.

Current projects.

Downlink is an app for macOS that puts real-time satellite imagery on your desktop. Watch sunlight and weather patterns move across Earth throughout the day, and bask in the glory of our blue marble in real time.

Main Engine Cut Off is a blog and podcast with opinion and analysis on the world of spaceflight, exploration, policy, strategy, and whatever else is of interest to me.

I’ve also got a few other projects in the works right now, so stay tuned!

Let’s work together.

For almost a decade, I’ve worked with clients small and large, local and international, on projects equally as diverse. I’ve worked as their sole developer, or as part of a larger team.

I’m a generalist who loves designing and developing websites and iOS apps.

If you have a project that we can work on together, let’s talk!