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Introducing: Parking

With great excitement, I can finally announce that my first app, Parking, is live on the App Store!

Parking is an assistant to help you out in any situation—whether you parked at a garage, at a meter, or in a lot. You store your car’s location and relevant information (meter expiration time, or garage level), and it takes over from there.

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Some background: I live in the middle of Philadelphia, so while I walk pretty much everywhere, I’m constantly parking in big garages, and at meters watched by the enthusiastic Philadelphia Parking Authority.

After months of forgetting what level I parked on (thanks to my infrequent driving excursions), and a few tickets for expired meters (thanks to the PPA), I figured I should build something to help myself out.

The core feature set I had in mind included a quick, yet flexible input flow, helpful notifications when they matter, and extensions throughout the ecosystem—namely on Apple Watch, and as an iOS Today widget.

Wherever You Are, Whenever You Need It

Get notified when you should leave to refill your meter so you can enjoy life without having to watch the clock, walk back to the garage and feel a tap on your wrist with a beautiful notification reminding you what level your car is parked on, or swipe down anywhere in iOS to quickly read your meter time, garage level, or parking location.

Things really came together well with a straightforward iPhone app, a responsive Today widget, an Apple Watch app, Glance, and great notifications on both devices. It’s a small app, but I’m quite proud of its usefulness and simplicity.

Head over to the App Store today to check it out, and get Parking for just $0.99.

That’s certainly a lot cheaper than a ticket from the the PPA.